1995 Dodge Caravan For Sale

Local (Twin Cities Metro) Buyers Only...Cash or Verifiable Cashier's Check

For Sale: One-Owner 1995 Dark Green Dodge Caravan (not Grand Caravan) SE Sport with 73,037 miles on it. The title is clear. Price: $1,600 (There is a flat $10 sales tax on this car.)

If after studying the information on this page, you have any questions or would like to inspect the car, you can go to my ad on Craig's List at http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/cto/801585388.html and send an email from there; or, if you have seen my phone number in an ad, telephone me.

This is a great bargain if you have a lot of people or things to haul around, or if you're looking for an economical mini RV for traveling, camping, etc.

Virtual Tour

Below is a virtual tour of the Caravan. The photos have not been "touched up." Use the buttons to navigate forward and back. Scroll past the slide show for detailed information.



I bought this minivan new in June, 1995. It has 73,037 miles on it, the relatively low number because I worked at home and didnít have to commute every day. The engine actually has fewer miles because a new short block was installed under the manufacturerís warranty at about 15,000 miles.

The car has never been in an accident or been smoked in.

Included are the owner's manuals for the car, Pioneer radio/CD player, and digital compass; a spare headlight bulb; and some touch-up paint.

Iíve taken excellent care of the car, always bringing it in when scheduled maintenance was due or mechanical problems occurred. I will give to any serious buyer the name of the car shop that has serviced the Caravan since I bought it. They will be able to vouch for the care that the car has received. Maintenance records also are available for any potential buyer to view.

Pricing Rationale

It's unusual to find a Caravan of this vintage with so few miles on it. The Kelley Blue Book rating for this car in "Good" condition is $2,015 and in "Fair" condition is $1,630. Based on the descriptions of "good" and "fair," I estimated this Caravan to be about half way between the two (i.e., fairly good), which is $1,822. Minus $125 for the corroded wheel rim (see below) comes to $1,697, which I rounded down to $1,600.

The Good News

Some components that, as far as I and the mechanics can tell, are working well include: engine, transmission, brakes (the front ones were recently overhauled; the rear ones have about 50 percent left on them), air conditioner, radio/CD player, exhaust system (also recently replaced), radiator, etc. The front tires have about 3/16-inch of tread left and the rear ones have 1/8-inch (see photo in slideshow titled "Tread Remaining"). This car has always been an excellent cold-weather starter.

The car doesn't burn oil or have any known leaks in the radiator, brakes, or elsewhere.

After-Market Enhancements

The car has some after-market enhancements:

         Pioneer Radio/CD player. The CD player can handle both the standard and MP3 format. The unit was installed about three years ago.

         Tank heater to save wear and tear on the engine during cold-weather starts.

         Digital compass.

         Trailer hitch. Its braces have rusted through to the point that hauling a heavy load would be unwise, but it should work fine for light loads, such as carrying bikes on a bike rack designed to be used with a trailer hitch.

Known Issues

This minivan has the kinds of issues, most of them cosmetic,that you would expect from a car which has spent 13 years in Minnesota. For example:

         There are some small hail dings.

         There is as much rust as you might expect after 13 years. (I washed the road salt off frequently, and the car was never stored in a heated garage that would speed up the rusting process.) On each side of the car at the rocker panel, a small patch of rust is visible. There are no rust holes (see photo titled "Rust SpotóSimilar on Driver's Side" in slideshow above).

         Part of the weather stripping on the rear window was replaced by me. Itís obviously do-it-yourself work but doesnít look too bad and accomplishes the job (see photo titled "Weather-Stripping Fix" in slideshow above).

         The left-rear wheel rim bead is corroded to the point that there is a very small air leak requiring attention every week or so. Estimated cost for parts and labor to replace the wheel rim is $125. I have adjusted the asking price down $125 to compensate for this deficiency.

         There is some minor paint-peeling down to the primer (not rusted), mainly on the roof. I have touched up many of the spots.

         The daytime running lights are burned out. Since I never used them anyway, I never bothered to replace them (see photo titled "Broken Running Light" in slideshow above).

         The lock box under the passenger seat has never worked right: it's hard to close and, once closed, is hard to get opened again.


Below is a list of some key features found on this minivan:

         3.3 liter V6 engine

         Front wheel drive

         Electronic fuel injection

         Air conditioning (non-CFC refrigerant)

         Exterior power fold-away mirrors

         Intermittent front and rear wipers

         Tinted privacy glass on all windows

         Warning chimes and inside hood release

         Tilt steering column

         Cruise control

         Rear-window defroster

         Upgraded shocks and struts

         Leather wrapped steering wheel